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          Welcome to Brooke Weston Academy

          Brooke Weston Academy is one of the top achieving schools in England and rated by Ofsted as Outstanding.

          The education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent and I am delighted that you are considering Brooke Weston Academy.

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          Today, Brooke Weston Academy is one of the most successful comprehensive schools in the country. Our focus on outstanding teaching, deep pastoral care and a creative curriculum means that every student thrives.

          Mr Peter Kirkbride

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          ‘Being Head Boy will give me the opportunity to practice leadership and public speaking. I have got good organisational and interpersonal skills and I try to develop my networking as well.


          ‘I wanted to be able to give something back and show that I was appreciative and even though situations might be hard you can get through. I am a bit nervous with public speaking so I think the role will help with that.

          ‘I consider myself a people person so if anyone has any issues I feel I can understand their situation. The challenge as Head Girl is always having to be on point and making sure that you are a role model for the younger students.’

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          Latest News

          Sunday 22 March 2020
        • Coronavirus Covid-19 update for parents and carers March 13th 2020

          Friday 13 March 2020
        • Covid-19 update

          Thursday 12 March 2020
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          Wednesday 04 March 2020

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          Tuesday 03 March 2020
        • As ever, I am completely blown away by the utter professionals I work with @BWAcademy2016 support staff, teachers and leaders. All week they haves shown in every situation an 'infectious optimism' to quote General Montgomery! #dreamworksteamworks

        • @BWAcademy2016 staff! A challenging and unprecedented day, but you were once again total professionals. Tomorrow we go again - you are making a huge difference in this fight! #teamworksdreamworks
          Friday 27 March 2020
        • RT @mwreay: Top marks to @BWAcademy2016 for this casual reminder today. Our young people still need to be taught, whatever happens ...

        • RT @pkirk11: Great job today @BWAcademy2016 just over a week ago we were on holiday and now we are successfully teaching our students remot...

        • Blown away by @BWAcademy2016 staff today and the care shown to our students and each other, both in & out of Brooke. Students fed, Joe Wicks done, donuts eaten, remote learning completed and TEAMs mastered! It's clear we all have each other's backs! #dreamworksteamworks

        • Back from @BWAcademy2016 The team working with students still in school are doing an awesome job! I am so proud of them. Home to football in the garden, bubbles and explaining that bees are kind to my terrified toddler! Cold beer now! #lifeofaheadteacher

        • Monday 23 March 2020

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